Race Timing

First, I “time” races. Helping you designing a course and making maps to post on the web are part of that. If you want the course measured for USATF certification, click on the “Measuring” tab for details. Coordinating with local public safety people, registration, marking the course and putting trained volunteers out on the course are things I do generally do NOT do.

Results are done with a computer program that matches time and place. Verifying registrant information produces highly reliable results. Getting in a time crunch on race day causes problems. The exact method employed is changing from race to race. As of late 2018, I have chip timed 15 races using the Agee Race Timing system. How your race is timed is going to be highly dependent on things like number of participants, weather on race day and availability of power at the finish.

You have to provide finish line helpers. 2 helpers for very small races and 4 for 200. I have to have a spreadsheet of runner Last Name, First Name, Age and Gender. You need to have this for registrant check-in anyway. That said, I have about given up getting through to races on the importance of this. Current policy is “I will work with you about any way you want.” What WE can’t stand is to get the the day before the race and find out that you have a huge pile of entry forms and have done nothing at all to organize them.


These timing methods all update place and award status every time a FINISHER is entered.  An “Awards So Far” page can be printed at any time.  Thus, you can get awards to the first finishers who would likely be long gone by the time the 55 minute 5K folks get in.  If somebody says, “I have to leave. Did I place?” you can ask the computer operator to see if this person gets an award.

Cost is largely a function of how far the race is from Johnson City, Tennessee and whether or not you want the pizzazz of chip timing. A small, simple, “you provide bibs and pins” (if you want them), established race in town is around $190 and including bibs and safety pins. A brand new race with mapping and counseling and about an hour away is going to be more like $300 with a drop in cost the second year. That said, charges vary with complications.

If there are no complications and my “Hot Spot” has enough bars, results will be uploaded to this web site within 20 minutes of completion of the race.